I have had conversations with a lot of teachers over the last six months and I am amazed at the number of teachers who would like to have access to more resources from their NZ colleagues. I am not talking about textbooks and overseas material (which can be great too). I am talking about “What do my colleagues do in their programme? I’d love to know!”

So let me encourage you to share your unit plans, share your opinions, share in general.

Some of you do just that in Le Zinc des profs de français Kiwis (Facebook group), use the NZAFT forum, have joined in the IFPRofs Nouvelle-Zélande ( and that’s super!


Unless you want to sell your unit plans, what is stopping you from sharing them? Not good enough in your eyes? My question is: have you ever seen a good lesson plan? It doesn’t exist. There is always something that is not up to our liking and that’s ok. I certainly don’t view mine as models. I keep banging on about telling you to adapt them, tweak my units because a unit plan cannot be but work in progress.

BUT there is always another teacher who will be inspired to pick up something if not most of the material from you. That teacher will adjust something, return it to you and you’ll think: “Oh my God, this is a good idea!” and you will use it in turn. Fantastic ako!

Wouldn’t it be nice if all teachers were to drop their unit plans in one single folder? Wouldn’t it?

That would be less work to produce yourself, enhance the bonds with your colleagues and enrich your teaching practice.

I started the roll when I shared all my resources. Who would like to be next?


  • Volunteer to share!

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