Anger is a great gauge!

Let me explain this provocative title.

According a Wikipedia definition of anger in psychology, anger is “considered a secondary emotion to a hurt, lack, frustration and is an affirmation of one’s identity to maintain physical and psychic integrity.” In other words, when you or your student are feeling angry, it is a symptom, not a cause, of a fulfillment that has not happened yet or a threat that has not been dealt with yet.

Don’t repress the odd angry burst, look at it as a signal that something wants to change and improve for the best. Although it may initially appear as a sudden eruption, it is a wonderful natural signal.

When you are discovering that the water you are boiling is boiled, you don’t get angry, do you? When you see the bubbles of air popping up in the water and hear the well-known associated noise, you just look at them and listen to it as a sign to put the pasta or rice in the water, right? It is the same with anger. It is a piece of information telling you to do something about what’s happening inside.


So the powerful reality is that when you look at anger:

– in a positive light,

– as a secondary reaction

– unemotionally,

– with objective detachment,

– with the voice of consciousness saying: “Hey, there’s something else way more important behind this immediate reaction!”

the clouds disappear and there is a real genuine desire for the limbic sun to pierce through and a blue sky of healing to reign supreme.


  • Control your emotions and discern what they mean!

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