What are Nunan’s guidelines for a Task-Based unit to pass the test of authenticity?

According to Nunan (Nunan, D. (2004), p. 3. Task-Based Language Teaching. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press), for a task to pass the test of authenticity, it

  • Has a defined communicative outcome
  • Makes meaning paramount
  • Makes task completion a priority
  • Enables learners to use the target language to negotiate meaning/understanding
  • Has some relationship to students’ reality
  • Enables students to reflect on their success in terms of the defined outcome

What is the most relevant bullet point to you?


To me, it’s the fourth bullet point because it’s about empowerment, about use of the language, about negotiation, about meaning: 4 main ingredients to sustain a truly powerful relationship in a teaching-learning language context.


  • Figure out what the most relevant point is to you

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