The 3 types of gap in the Task-Based approach

All Task-Based tasks have a gap to close and there are three types of gap categories in language learning:

  • Information gap (transfer information from one pupil to another one, a text to a table …)
  • Reasoning gap (deducing something from a set of something, working out an optimum course of action given different variables …)
  • Opinion gap (complete a story and compare endings, give opinions on a social issue …)

asphalt-communication-commuter-221310 (1)

According to your students’ level, you have to be mindful of the gap task you give them. There is no way you could give your beginner students an elaborate opinion gap task to complete. In the early stages of language learning, give them plenty of information gap tasks and as their learning progresses, throw them more and more into reasoning and opinion gap tasks. You will also notice that their variety of repertoire will increase with reasoning and opinion gap tasks. But do not go too quickly through the cognitive demands of the reasoning and opinion gap tasks.


  • Ensure that there’s a move from information gaps to opinion gaps in your tasks as much as possible

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