Voici la toute première astuce/réflexion/recommandation!


Si vous avez vu ma vidéo de présentation pour les profs qui sont un peu ou beaucoup au bout du rouleau ( https://profpassion.blog), alors vous la reconnaîtrez.

Did you know that any human being has at his/her disposal three brains! One of those brains is called the reptilian brain and its role is to quickly react and detect what is threatening our survival.

It is our oldest brain. It would set the prehistoric man and woman on a state of alert as soon as he/she would hear a suspect rustle of leaves.

It is still active in us today. It keeps an eye out for us.

One negative consequence of that reptilian brain is that through spotting what is not going right and putting us in (relative) danger, we say a lot of negative things.

From birth to the age of 17, each man and woman hears 15 000 times: “No, you can’t!” as opposed to only 5 000 times: “Yes, you can!”

So 30 more times of negative sentences are uttered at a very important training period of our life.

The challenge for us in our personal and professional life is to condition our reptilian brain to let go and not say “no” first up unless it is obviously necessary.

In order for your entourage and students to blossom in your presence, accept today’s challenge and refuse the negative order of the “no” and you will see that your subconscious will start to make the 38 000 thoughts you have per day to appear through rose-tinted glasses.

Recommendation :

  • Say “Yes, you can!” more often than “No, you can’t!”

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