Who says teachers are not fun-loving and passionate people?


I had the huge pleasure of leading a wonderful event on Sunday the 8th of July 2018: the Immersion day for the French teachers just before the NZALT conference. It was a blast! 23 teachers were incredibly keen to speak in French and I didn’t even have to kick anyone out for speaking in English! Yes! For those who were in attendance, I thoroughly enjoyed your enthusiasm and the challenges you threw at me. You are an awesome bunch of fun-loving and dedicated professionals. If I go by the awesome energy I witnessed last Sunday, French teachers rock, mesdames et messieurs! Rosaria Campbell from Auckland Grammar also shared a presentation on the IF Profs website which has an absolutely outstanding number of free resources and every French teacher is encouraged to check it out because very soon, NZ will join in this fantastic network of French teachers from around the world. https://www.ifprofs.org/ To discover a couple of pictures and short videos of the Immersion day,

click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I8PezBQq1AXCWJrUpvVMuTQp9HggxLKH/view?usp=sharing

I’ve learnt that next time I take pictures and make videos, I’ll have to ask permission. So for the teachers in those videos and pictures, if you want me to remove you from those, let me know and I will. My apologies in advance or in hindsight!

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