There is still time to be enthused!

I was so lucky to attend the NZALT Conference that took place from Monday the 9th of July to Wednesday the 11th of July 2018.

Oh là là, there are so many fantastic educationalists out there and once every two years, those marvelous people extract a small piece of their wonderful work and share it with us. What a treat! Even too stimulating at the end! I had so many ideas floating in my mind!

Constanza and your team, it was a smooth and rich conference, well done to all those involved! Now you can rest and enjoy the holidays!

To all presenters and keynote speakers, wow, what a dedication!

I especially enjoyed Sonia Slade and her workshop on Aotearoatanga (mix of Maoritanga and Pakehatanga). Merci Sonia for your courage and desire to get us to dance and sing in Maori, French and do the actions. Everyone, remember her name for the future (

Sonia in action.JPG

Merci Morgan Patterson, the formidable leader of minds at ILEP, who gave time and clear guidelines to teachers of combined classes to share with each other. I’m always amazed at how much brain power there is when teachers spend time to exchange with each other! (

I also thoroughly enjoyed Tilka Brown’s from Victoria in Australia who gave us cool and easy activities to develop emotional intelligence (

Emma Bergh at gave us a very enlightening and honest presentation about using Zoom in the classroom. What a refreshing way of teaching online!

Talking about technology, you can’t miss Joe Dale and his vista in animations and video clips. If you want him in your school, contact him at

Finally, this conference wouldn’t have been as enjoyable and moving without Peter O’Connor. He had no ppt, no notes, no clear point but what a 1/2 hr of delightful storytelling! A lot of us were moved by this professor at Auckland University who uses drama to help children overcome the aftermath of earthquakes in particular (

So select one of those awesome people I witnessed in action, follow him/her and get stimulated!

You can’t go past a great conference without good food and entertainement and so here is a picture taken at Garde manger where over 27 teachers of French had a delicious crêpe:

Au Garde manger.JPG

And here is the wonderful Morgan, Pathway manager at ILEP and silver sponsor of the NZALT, making a speech:


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