What makes couples stick together?

Did you know that expert neurolinguists can reliably predict with 96% accuracy if couples are going to be together in 10 years’ or 12 years’ time?


And did you know that the exact year can be predicted for 80% of the couples if they are going to split up?

I guess the next question could be: what makes a couple stick together then?

The answer is: about 100 words per day. 100 positive words per day. 100 positive words per day which equates to about 30 seconds at this speed of talking.

Those words are not about saying to your partner: “You are the most wonderful person in the world!” every day. You can but no, it’s simply about saying trivial but positive things like “How was your day?” or “Thanks for doing this or that for me!”

Couples stay strong over time when they say more positive stuff to each other for 30 seconds a day. As simple and incredibly true as that!


  • Think about that in your relationship if you are in one or just with your students and your immediate environment

For further information, go to: (http://www.transformations.net.nz/free-study.html)

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